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Brooklyn Access-A-Ride Designated Pick-up/Drop-off Locations
December 2013
Location Address
Amico Senior Center 5901 13th Avenue
(west curb, 59th Street to 60th Street)
Barclays Center Atlantic Avenue
(between Fort Green Place and 6th Avenue, south side)
Beth Israel Medical Center 3131 Kings Highway
(at Avenue N)
Brookdale Hospital Medical Center 555 Rockaway Parkway
(between Linden Boulevard and Church Avenue)
Brookdale Radiology Association 9701 Church Avenue
(between East 98th Street and Rockaway Parkway)
Brooklyn Army Terminal 140 58th Street
(south curb, 1st to 2nd Avenues)
Coney Island Hospital 2601 Ocean Parkway
(Shore Parkway)
Council Senior Center 1001 Quentin Road
(at East 10th Street)
Eileen Dugan Senior Citizens Center 380 Court Street
(between Carroll and President Streets)
Independent Care System 25 Elm Place
(between Livingston and Fulton Streets)
Kings Plaza Shopping Mall East 54th and Avenue U
(southside of street between Flatbush Avenue and Mill Road)
L.I. College Hospital 339 Hicks Street
(east curb, Amity Street to Atlantic Avenue)
Maimonides Hospital 4802 10th Avenue
(west curb, 48th Street to 49th Street)
Medgar Evers College 1637 Bedford Avenue
(between Crown and Carroll Streets)
New York Industries for the Blind 3611 14th Avenue
(between 36th & 37th Avenues)
New York Methodist Hospital 506 6th Street
(between 7th & 8th Avenues)
New York State Office Building 55 Hanson Place (corner of South Elliott Place)
New York State Offices / LIRR Atlantic Terminal / Atlantic Center Mall Atlantic Avenue at Ft. Green Place by Marshalls
Omni Rehabilitation Center 1651 Coney Island Avenue
Sandy F. Ray Senior Center 550 Greene Avenue (between Nostrand and Marcy Avenues)
St. Louis Senior Center St. Johns Place at Kingston Avenue
Social Security Office 195 Montague Street (between Court and Clinton Streets)
Woodhull Medical Center Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Ellery Street