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Duane Reade Lawsuit: Updates

Relevant documents are linked below.


April 19, 2006 news report from WBAI (New York):

Duane Reade has settled a lawsuit filed by Disabled In Action, an organization committed to ending discrimination against people with disabilites, and several individual plaintiffs. As a result of the settlement, Duane Reade will begin to implement measures to ensure that its stores are accessible to people in wheelchairs. WBAI's David Cenedella reports.

Listen to this news story (Duration: 4 minutes and 35 seconds)
Note: Story is cutoff during sound byte from Duane Reade spokesperson.

photo of Jean Ryan, one of the plaintiffs in the settlement, speakingPhoto gallery of the April 19, 2006 press conference
photos taken by Marianne Lado and Jean Ryan

Disabled win Rx fight
from the New York Daily News April 20, 2006

Press release of the Disabled In Action-Duane Reade Settlement

Short summary of the Disabled In Action-Duane Reade Settlement

Duane Reade Case Is Settled!
Access Is Good for Business

written by Jean Ryan

Final Consent Decree
January 13, 2006

Order from Debra Freeman, United States Magistrate Judge
October 28, 2005




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