Lyrics by Bette Anderson
Melody by Abby Gostein

Vocals: Marcia
Guitar: Maura
Recorder: Sidney

So long ago, in the bitter snow on a cold November day,
With bitter woes, my momma chose to carry me away
From the only home I had ever known and thought I would always,
Barely half-way grown, I was made to roam through a strange and lonely place.

I could never hide all the fear inside that a little child could hold.
At my momma's side I broke down and cried as we stood out in the cold.
How my momma tried, tried to push aside all the terrors never told.
Sharing senseless pride, from the truth we shied 'til the stories would unfold.

And we said
God bless the stranger and bless the stranger's place,
Where a heavenly arranger took us into her embrace,
And the chains broke free from my mom and me in that strange and crowded space,
And we said
God bless this stranger and God bless this stranger's place.

With a bath, a meal, we went on to heal; we began our lives brand new.
We could laugh for real, and we began to feel good sensations that were true.
Stopped, the hurt and pain that drove mom insane and was driving me there, too.
Gone the man's disdain, and his terror's reign, from the moment that we flew.


In my grown-up world, there is still that girl from another place and time.
Mem'ries jump and twirl in a jumbled swirl of the ramblings in my mind.
Through the gauze unfurled, every wisdom's pearl that I might have left behind
In the smoke that curled 'round that little girl when our lives were less than kind.


God bless this stranger - and God bless this stranger's place.