Lyrics by Mel Tanzman
Music by Maura Gregory

Ed Roberts (1940 - 1995), the "grandfather" of the Independent Living Movement, was the inspiration for this song. After contracting Polio at age 10, this young athlete required aid in breathing for the rest of his life, by way of an "iron lung" and, later on, a more modern ventilator. He was the first student with quadriplegia to attend the University of California in Berkeley, where he organized students with disabilities and, after graduation, founded the first Independent Living Center in the nation. He worked as Commissioner of Rehabilitation under Governor Jerry Brown and founded the World Institute on Disability, a "think tank" that addressed the critical issues facing people with disabilities. He was also a proud member of "The International Order of Giraffes," a bona fide organization of people who "stick their necks out." Mel was privileged to know Ed as a brash and caring person, cherished friend and formidable enemy. Of all his prestigious accomplishments, he was most proud of being a father and raising his son.

Vocals: Solo by Mel with backup by Marcia
Guitar and Tambourine: Maura

Well, I'm not done yet; I've got lots of living to do,
Sunrise and sunset, the frosty morning dew.
There's not much that I lack; I'm OK, so don't you fret,
And please tell all those quacks that I'm - Not Done Yet.

I remember that young boy who couldn't take a breath
And the doctor who pronounced it a fate much worse than death.
My mom would not accept it; well, she fought for my right to live.
She saw beyond my frailties and knew I had a lot to give.

Well, a man in the airport terminal said if he was in my shoes
He'd end it all so quickly, yeah, that was his point of view.
Well, I remember his shocked face when I told him where to go,
That I don't need his sympathy; don't speak of what you don't know.


Then there's that faith healing preacher; he wants to lay on hands.
Says he could make me whole again if I had the faith to understand
That God had given him the power to cure the sick and the lame.
I told him he could keep his prayers; my spirit would not be tamed.
You see, I've dined with Presidents; I've raised children, too.
I swam with the dolphins; Hell, there ain't nothing that I can't do.
You see, the things that imprison me, the ties that really bind
Are your prehistoric attitudes, and the sickness is in your mind.


Not done yet (not done yet), I said I'm not done yet (not done yet),
Hell, no, I'm not done yet (not done yet).
I said I'm not done yet (not done yet), oh, no, I'm not done yet.
I said I'm not done yet, oh, no, I'm not done yet.
I said I'm not done, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I said I'm not done, no - Not Done Yet!