Lyrics by Bette Anderson
Melody by Marcia Bernstein

During the "Cagney and Lacey" TV show, Sharon Gless's character posed as a disabled person in a wheelchair. Her remarks about being treated as invisible, after a scene with a mother and her young son, inspired this song which has become a staple in The DIA Singers' repertoire. The DIA Singers don't believe in telling children it's not polite to stare at disabled people, preferring instead to welcome candid and innocent curiosity.

Vocals: Solos by Michael and Sidney, Mel, Mary Ann, Sam
with backup by Anne, Kathy, Marcia and The Chorus
12-String Guitar: Eric
Tambourine: Maura

Don't stop the little children; go ahead and let them stare.
Their questions are bewild'rin', but show how much they care.
What they are telling me is that they really see me there,
So don't tell them they're wrong. Please let the little children stare

Though maybe what you see is not Athena or Adonis,
Please don't be shy or be afraid. It's fine to look upon us.
We're all created equally, but with a different skew.
Let's watch the kids with open eyes and let's all take their cue.
- Let them see us -

Don't make the children turn away to make sure they won't stare.
Their wonder as they watch the way I turn and work my chair
Can show the way so others may be 'coming more aware,
So don't tell them to look away. Let all the children stare.


- Let them lead us -

We'll answer all their questions when they come up close and stare.
Life isn't always easy and it isn't always fair,
But kids can make the best of all the feelings we can share
- So let them gather round me -
- Let them see us, let them lead us -
And we'll let the children stare.