by Bette Anderson © 2003

A writer who has retinitis pigmentosa drew Bette Anderson back into writing after a hiatus of more than twenty years. This talented friend inspired KEEP CREATING, which has become "the Bar Mitzvah song" since Bette sang it at two different Bar Mitzvah celebrations, first for her 13-year-old grandson, who loves music and reading, is a whiz with computers, has a unique learning style, and lives with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), and again for an adult correctional facility resident who is working hard to turn his life around. We think the message of this song speaks to everyone.

Vocals: Solo by Marcia with backup by The Chorus
Guitar: Maura
Recorder: Sidney

Listen to the sounds of your own voices,
Open every door that takes your key.
Play a part when anyone rejoices,
And keep creating who you'd want to be.
Listen to the songs your heart keeps singing,
Open up to let your spirit free,
Gather all the gifts that life keeps bringing,
And keep creating who you want to be.

You're the only person
Marking every mile,
Making you the first one
Fashioned in your style.
Soon you'll reach that something
You'd be proud to be
When you keep becoming
The best you're allowed to be.

Don't hide all the books that tell your fables,
Take the time to notice all you see,
Don't get caught in someone else's labels,
But keep creating who you want to be.
Break the ties when little minds have bound you,
Follow through to stretch eternity.
Hold on fast to all the life around you,
And keep creating who you want to be.

Repeat chorus and first verse